The Mat generates ions by crystals & anion fabrics layers & conducts them directly to the body
It comes with 300 Gauss Permanent Static Magnets & Eight Levels from 8 to 64 Hz Frequency 3 pcs Pulsed Electromagnetic Coils with 100-400 gauss intensity recharging body & mind

Ereada mat is an extremely durable built to last product. It comes with a free waterproof protection cover & a Full One Year warranty

  • 17 Layers with a Thick Entire Mat Layer of 20 pounds 100% Natural Certified Jewelry Grade Crushed & Polished Amethysts from Korea or Brazil. The Crystals Release Deep Impact Far-infrared Heat and Negative Ions. The Net Weight of the Compact Pro Ereada Amethyst Mat is around 34 pounds. The Size is 24”x59”. Heating Area Covered by Heat Resistant Suede Tubes with Crystals is 21”x47”. This Mat Works Only With European voltage 220-240V / 50 Hz. For North America or Japan Select Another 110V Version
  • Ereada Mat Emits Deep Penetrative Far-infrared heat & Negative ions. It has 3 pcs of 100-400 gauss Bio Magnetic Pulsation Coils with 8 Levels of Variable Frequencies Adjustable to pulse 8- 64 times per Second. Mat Blocks Electromagnetic Radiation. Use it Flat on Your Bed or Floor to Create Soothing & Reenergizing Environment for Wellness & Relaxation, Skin, Bones, Nerves, Joints, Tendons Comfort & Rejuvenation, Maintain Optimal Activity, Immunity & Body Strength
  • Heated Amethysts Generate FIR and Mid Infra-red Rays with 93% efficiency in the most body absorbable wave length range 4-15 µm. Healing Warmth Penetrates Tissues up to 8 Inches Deep. The Mattress Produces Air and Negative Ions by Built-in Anion Layers. It Creates Intense Heating Setting Helpful to Improve Circulation, Metabolism and Enhance the Body’s Own Healing & Revitalizing Powers on a Cellular Level. The Mat Comes in a Carry & Storage Handbag 24”x20”x8” & 2 Protective Waterproof Covers
  • Enjoy Innovative & Elegant Design of Durable Luxury Human-made Marble Gray Eco-Suede Fabric. We Fix Crystals in the Tubes Forming Almost All the Mat Surface. It is Ideal for Body Detoxification, Weight Control, Beautification and General Wellbeing. If You are not Happy for any Reason, contact us within 30 days, and we will Refund Your Full Purchase Price. You get a Full One Year Warranty with Fast & Free Easy Replacement Procedure. Email Any Issues Directly on Amazon to the Founder of Company
  • Ereada Bio Magnetic Amethyst Midsize Mat Comes with the Double Silicon & Teflon Insulated EMF Free 180W Titanium Heating System. The Multi-functional Controller with Adjustable Temperature & AUTO EMF Interception Enables to Set 7 Heating Levels in the Range From 86°F to 158°F for 4, 8 or 12 Hours, adjust 9 Levels of PEMF Magnetism & Activate Air Ions. Ereada 3-D Air Mesh Padded Waterproof Thick Cover & an additional Thin Protector Absorb sweat & Eliminate Extra Pressure from Mat’s Amethyst Ribs